Jessica Alves, also known as the "Human Ken Doll", has revealed her new look in a plunging black swimsuit, leaving her 1 million followers in awe.

Since the age of 17, the transgender TV star who lives in London has had more than 100 cosmetic procedures costing roughly $1 million.

She shared her first bikini snaps as Jessica on Monday showing off the results of her latest procedure – a $55,000 bum augmentation.

"Feeling hot at 40C in #marbella #spain #andalucia," the 36-year-old captioned her Spanish holiday photos.


Alves posed in a black plunging swimsuit while standing next to a pool in Marbella.

The former UK Celebrity Big Brother star wore the revealing swimmers, that featured a belt around the midriff to accentuate her curves, with a pair of fluffy black heels.

She also wore her long blonde hair down – positioned over her eye-popping cleavage.

Her fans were quick to point out how "amazing", "happy" and "confident" she now looks.

"You look truly happy, that's the main thing," one follower wrote, to which Jessica responded, "Thanks darling and yes, I am very happy."

"Super beautiful," added another.

"Amazing … HOTBODY," a third wrote.

Alves revealed that since transitioning to a woman at the start of the year, she has never felt better, adding that inside she's "always felt like Barbie".


"I was very unhappy and I either had the transition or die. It was one or the other," she said during an appearance on a British breakfast show last month.

"I still need two or three more surgeries to complete my transition, and then I swear I will be done with plastic surgery – there is only so much one can take."

Alves revealed she has spent $106,000 on "feminisation" surgery and said she has hopes of having a baby.

"I would like to have a child and like to have a baby," she said.

"Over the years I have been playing a character and being a man and I tried my best to be a male. After all, I was born in this body as a male."

Alves first opened up about being transgender in January when she showed off her stunning transformation.


Despite being previously known for her likeness to a Ken doll, she said that response to her transition had been positive and she had been asked on lots of dates.

"I finally feel like the real me. Glamorous, beautiful and feminine," she told the Mirror at the time.

She also described her life as living like a "caterpillar" for 36 years but said in an Instagram post: "Now I am a butterfly and I am ready to fly."

Alves was born Rodrigo Alves in Brazil in 1983 and moved to London when she was 19, where she studied at the London School of Economics.

Before becoming a TV personality, she worked as an air steward.