Finding anything foreign in your meal is always gross but this one probably takes the cake during a pandemic.

A couple in the US were shocked to find a glove melted into their pasta takeaway.

The pair ordered the fettuccine alfredo with chicken from US chain, The Cheesecake Factory, for dinner at their hotel on Monday.

Laurie Graham took to Facebook to share the "disgusting" find and complain to the restaurant chain, posting several photos of the glove disguised in the creamy dish.


"This is completely UNACCEPTABLE!!!," she wrote.

She said they received the order sealed at 8.35pm and when they opened it they found the glove melted inside.

Graham said she contacted the manager and said the issue needed to be addressed.

"I went to the lobby of the hotel, received the order," she told FOX 11.

"It was completely sealed and packaged. I got upstairs and we began to eat our food, and my husband was eating his fettuccine alfredo, and he took a bite and he thought it was hard chicken or some overcooked cheese and come to find out, it was a latex glove that had been melted into the food."

A glove was found in some pasta. Photo / Supplied
A glove was found in some pasta. Photo / Supplied

Graham said the find was even more concerning because her husband is considered high risk for coronavirus, being a diabetic.

The Cheesecake Factory apologised and offered the couple a $200 gift certificate.

Graham said they didn't know if they would accept the offer because you could put a price on life and they were not sure if her husband had been exposed to the virus.


"We're trying to support the businesses because it's so tough for them right now and then something like this happens, it's really just a stab in the heart when they say let me give you this gift certificate," she said.

People said the find was disgusting and disgraceful.

A spokesman for the company said they took food safety and sanitation very seriously and were committed to providing a safe dining experience.

"We are very concerned to hear of this complaint and are reviewing our food safety procedures with the restaurant team," he said.

"We are also reaching out to the guest to express our sincere concern and to apologise for this failure in service."