Influencer Ariella Nyssa has called out men who left rude comments on a bikini photo she posted on Instagram.

The Instagram star said she now felt "embarrassed" for those who felt the need to make negative comments about her appearance after previously being upset by it.

"My insta journey has been crazy. So many trolls, so many haters commenting on my body. I used to take it to heart. I used to let them win," she wrote in an Instagram post celebrating her having 500,000 followers.

Nyssa shared screenshots of the nasty comments she had received on a photo of her wearing a bikini in a tennis court, which included being called a "gross pig" and being told to "loose (sic) some weight".


She had decided to "name and shame" those commenters to show that it was wrong to body shame.

"It's never okay to say or write horrible things to people EVER about their weight," Nyssa wrote.

Nyssa said that the positive support she had received on Instagram made her realise those who wrote comments like that were just "sad".

"Now I'm embarrassed for them. I feel bad for them. Because despite them, I'm still here. I was strong enough to see the haters for what they are," she wrote.

Her post struck a chord with her followers, several of whom pointed out how disappointing it was that men thought it was okay to comment about women's bodies.

"Notice how all these comments are from men lol, I love how they think your posts are especially for them," one person commented, while another added: "Funny how they're all guys."

"Cannot believe the vile abuse you receive … you are beautiful and real," another person commented.

Nyssa is a Sydney-based influencer and model who posts frequently about body positivity on her Instagram and YouTube.


She also founded app The Self Love Bible, which has daily and monthly challenges to increase body confidence and holistic health.

Back in January she spoke out against the "shallow" DMs she receives, calling for the stigma surrounding cellulite on women to end.

"I still get dms all the time about my cellulite," she wrote on Instagram.

"'How do you get rid of cellulite?', 'your cellulite is too much, it looks so unappealing', 'your cellulite looks like a plastic bag shrivelled up in the snow'."

Nyssa said it made her "so friggen sad" that negative views around cellulite were still prevalent.

"Cellulite is beautiful! It's a part of me. My marks that make me ME. I would never change them for the world, no matter what anyone else says! Your cellulite ROCKS gal, embrace it and LOVE IT," she wrote.


Her post resonated with her followers, with some sharing their own struggle with the stigma around cellulite and slamming the "shallow" people who messaged her.