Google Maps is one of the most useful navigation tools in the world.

From real-time traffic to satellite imagery and street view, it's been a revolutionary site that can transport you to some of the most iconic destinations all from the comfort of your own home.

But on occasion, Google Maps has captured a number of people's unfortunate moments on camera.

That was the case after one eagle-eyed Google Maps user was left in tears of laughter after they came across a US woman's embarrassing moment while trawling the site.


As the Google Maps car drove past a woman's house, it captured the embarrassing moment she was headfirst in her wheelie bin while in her driveway.

She is seen laying on her driveway, the majority of her body inside the bin which is laid on the floor.

The Google Maps user decided to share the funny moment, posting it to Reddit with the caption: "I didn't expect to find this."

Viewers weighed in on the woman's misfortune, with a number of people coming up with some bizarre theories as to why she was in the wheelie bin.

"Maaa!! Who threw away my leftover ravioli?" one quipped.

Oops! Photo / Google Maps
Oops! Photo / Google Maps

It's not the first time Google Maps has picked up embarrassing moments.

In 2019, a Latvian man spotted the Google car and seized the opportunity to play a prank on viewers.

As the man spotted the vehicle, he positioned himself outside a block of apartments.


Standing at the edge of the road, the man pulled down his black jeans and underwear and exposed his butt to the camera as it drove past.

He held the pose to make sure the camera caught his cheeky antics.

Another prank was also caught on Google Maps.

The Google car captured the moment three people covered a friend's car in cling wrap.

The car can be seen completely wrapped from front to back, making it undrivable.

A group of people were caught playing a prank by gladwrapping their friends car. Photo / Google Maps
A group of people were caught playing a prank by gladwrapping their friends car. Photo / Google Maps