Warning: Graphic

An online shopper has issued a warning to fellow customers of a popular brand after claiming she suffered "burns" from wearing one of its tops.

Adara Graham, 19, from the UK, shared confronting images of her chest on Twitter which showed multiple scabs.

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She claimed the injuries were the result of a zebra print top she bought for £15 ($29) from online retailer PrettyLittleThing, which also operates in Australia and New Zealand.

Graham revealed her burns online. Photo / Twitter
Graham revealed her burns online. Photo / Twitter

It was the first time the teen had worn the lace top, which features metal eyelets for the strings to thread through.

She believes the metal hoops on the front are what caused the skin reaction.

"Anyone buying from @OfficialPLT please be wary of buying tops with metal loops on them, this was my first time wearing it, and the metal loops look as if they have gone rusty and burnt through my skin causing my chest to blister and be in a lot of pain," Graham posted to her Twitter account.

She said the irritation has become so severe she is now having to seek medical attention.

"@OfficialPLT looking like it's gonna become infected," Graham said, tagging the e-boutique.

Images of the teen's injuries have garnered more than 40,000 likes and 16,000 retweets from online users, branding the item "cheap".

The metal loops appeared to have rusted after Graham wore the top. Photo / Twitter
The metal loops appeared to have rusted after Graham wore the top. Photo / Twitter

"Oh my god that looks so, so painful. Hope it heals quickly," one woman responded.


"Holy sh*t," another simply said.

"This is horrific w**," added another.

"This is why I always inspect and WASH my clothing before putting anything on, my skin is wayyyyyy to sensitive so I have to be extra cautious," a fourth person explained.

Some were shocked by the claims as they also had the same top, while others shared similar experiences.

"I have this same top and I didn't wear a bra. mine was fine … this is literally the only thing I own from them. It could be a reaction," one woman said.

"Wish I could say I was kiddin (sic) when I had a mark like that in the exact same place and I was so confused about how I got it," another shopper added.


"Not a doctor but you might have an allergy to a metal they used! I get similar reactions if I wear fake jewellery from sites like theirs so I always have to go for gold plated or sterling silver at the very least," a third commented.

It's not clear what metal is used in the animal-print blouse, although the website does warn: "Due to fabric used, colour may transfer."

Among the thousands of people who have responded to the 19-year-old's post is the e-boutique, who have issued her an apology.

"Hey. I am really sorry this has happened. Please DM us and we will have this resolved for you as quickly as possible," a PrettyLittleThing staff member responded.

It was followed by another comment from the online store – "Hey! Could you drop us a Dm with your full name, email address, order number and delivery address so we can get this sorted for you."

It is unclear whether the teen has got in touch with the online store.