A British MP's cat has guest-starred in a committee meeting on Zoom, elegantly waving his bushy tail as his owner tried to speak.

John Nicolson, MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, had been taking part in the digital, culture, media and sport committee on Zoom when his ginger cat Rojo took centre stage.

Nicolson was quizzing television chiefs on why subtitles were not used on children's TV by default, when Rojo made his appearance.

Nicolson bravely tried to continue as Rojo's tail waved back and forth, apologising for the interruption.


"I apologise for my cat's tail," he said, as others on the call are heard to break into laughter.

Eventually, Nicolson was forced to intervene, moving the tail and saying "Rojo, put your tail down."

After the video was shared to Twitter, people were delighted by Rojo's delicate distraction.

"I've heard of cats doing 'zoomies' but this is a whole other level of brilliant feline fiendishness," wrote one person, while another added: "We need more [Rojos] in this world!".

Nicolson later took to Twitter to share his pet's good side.