Hands up if you have a mountain of sheets that need folding, but would rather not because of the time it takes.

Well, you're in luck – an Aussie mum has impressed TikTok users after she shared a handy tip revealing how to fold the household item using four simple steps.

Taking to the popular social media platform, the woman said her "folding hack" provides a "simple way to fold a fitted sheet" without leaving it like a crumpled mess.

"Folding a fitted sheet saves space in storage and only takes 20 seconds. Let me know if you try this one at home," Mila wrote alongside her video.


In the clip, Mila explains the first step is to place your sheet flat on your bed, with the elastic part facing upwards.

It is then recommended to smooth the sheet before creating a "rectangle".

"Flip the bottom two corners and place them into the top two corners to create a rectangle," Mila advises.

She demonstrates by placing her hands inside the corners of the sheet and tucking them into the other two corners.

One woman has gone viral on TikTok with an ingenious guide to folding fitted sheets. Photo / 123rf
One woman has gone viral on TikTok with an ingenious guide to folding fitted sheets. Photo / 123rf

The third step is to fold the two long sides inward which creates a long line of sheet.

She then follows this by folding the two short sides inward too.

The end result should look like a neat rectangle ready to be stored inside your cupboard.

Mila also shared a "bonus tip" adding that you can keep your fitted sheets inside a dust bag to keep them fresh.


Viewers dubbed her sheet hack as a "game-changer", saying sheets are the "worst things" to fold.

"Dude, I hate folding fitted sheets! lol thanks!" one man commented, while others couldn't wait to try the four steps.

"Going to try this out! Thanks for sharing," another said.

"Saved and added to favourites," one person wrote.

"I can never do the first step. I just wash and put back on my bed. I'm an embarrassment to my mother," another person joked.

Mila's video has garnered more than 14,000 views.