Ever since Auckland's Commercial Bay opened on June 11, eager shoppers have flocked to its restaurants and cafes - but this one offers something a little bit different.

If you've ever wanted to pour your own wine when dining out, then the Poni Room's self-service "rosé hall" will be right up your street.

AvroKO Hospitality Group launched the Asian-inspired eatery in Auckland following the success of its restaurants in New York and Europe.

Having rosé available on tap might sound dangerous, especially as it's available from lunchtime onwards, but AvroKO Hospitality Group partner Marion Emmanuelle says staff always keep a close eye on it.


"It's always monitored, it's a guided experience. We have to make sure it's supervised but in a hospitable way," she tells the Herald.

You can wander through at your leisure and pick rosé whether bottled or on tap, and fill your own glass.

Alternatively, you can fill a fish-shaped pitcher with the pink beverage and bring it to the table for rosé all round.

The restaurant offers rosé on tap. Photo / Supplied
The restaurant offers rosé on tap. Photo / Supplied

Emmanuelle says people were a little shy to approach the bar at first, which is "very Kiwi", but they soon caught on.

The self-service bar is a permanent fixture in the restaurant, which opened for the first time under level 1 restrictions.

It's part of a new approach to hospitality, Emmanuelle says.

"With all of our restaurants, it's about how to create a really hospitable experience, breaking barriers between guests and hosts. We want to give our guests a sense of ownership over the restaurants."

And why rosé?


"We love rosé! As a category it's uncelebrated, but you can drink it all year round. There are some really good rosés in New Zealand and they tend to be really affordable."