French cosmetic giant Sephora has today announced their game-changing decision to stop selling mink false eyelashes.

Sephora decided to stop selling the mink false eyelashes online and in stores, as well as phasing out the current mink eyelashes in stock, after a campaign spearheaded by Peta.

The brand will now only sell synthetic lashes.

The campaign involved more than 280,000 emails from concerned shoppers, along with a detailed video showcasing the realities of how mink eyelashes are produced.

A video from Peta revealed how mink fur commonly comes from fur farms, which they claimed were "often laden with maggots, feces and dead animals" according to their own investigations.


Beauty-lovers have applauded the retailer for its historic step.

Peta's executive vice president Tracy Reiman congratulated the cosmetic brand in following of other major beauty brands in the movement towards cruelty-free beauty.

"Peta is celebrating Sephora's decision to join Tarte, Too Faced, Urban Decay and the scores of other brands that know that there's nothing beautiful about stealing an animal's fur."