It turns out piercings and face masks really don't mix, with one teen finding this out the hard way.

Sissy Sheridan, a US actress and TikTok star with more than three million followers, took to the platform earlier this week to share how her piercing went horribly wrong.

Sissy went to a piercing store in her hometown of Sterling, Virginia, on Monday with her mum Leisa and friend to get a third piercing.

But the 16-year-old revealed that a piece of the face mask she was wearing ended up stuck inside her ear after getting caught on a piercing gun.


In a video that's since been viewed more than 6.5 million times, the teen cries hysterically as she discovers what has happened.

"I can't get it off ... it hurts so bad," she says in between sobs. "It's stuck on my ear and they look so ugly, I just want to take them out."

Sissy shared another video afterward saying she was "sorry for being dramatic" but the piercing had been "really hurting" and she had "no idea what to do".

"Basically the mask is gone out of my ear but there's still a piece of the mask string stuck in my ear," she said.

"When it got pierced (the mask) got pierced inside my ear, so there's a piece stuck."

Despite the pain Sissy said she wanted to save the piercing.

"My ears are too sore and sensitive right now because I just got a hole pierced through them to take the earring out and pull it out, and also once I take the earring out it's going to close out and hurt real bad to put the earring back in," she said.

Sissy's followers have expressed sympathy for her situation, with one person joking that it was a "limited edition Covid stud".


"I feel so bad for you imma just wait till after quarantine to get my second piercing," one person commented on TikTok, while another person said it was a good reminder never to use piercing guns and "always get pierced with a needle".

Sissy's mother told Buzzfeed News that the store had at first refused to give them a refund unless they returned the earring.

"Her ear is obviously swollen and painful ... I do not want to pull the earring out while the cotton is still in her ear," she said.

"I am shocked that they are arguing about the refund when they were clearly negligent."

Sissy said she didn't want the employee who pierced her ear to get fired, instead labelling it a "freak accident" and a "COVID-19 horror story".

A spokesperson for the store told the website they were now investigating the incident and will offer a "full refund".