It took years of petitions but it finally happened: Band-Aid has announced the launch of a new line of bandages with a range of different skin tone colours, going from pale beige to dark brown.

The company says the range will "embrace the beauty of diverse skin".

Band-Aid, owned by Johnson & Johnson, will roll out the new products to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The new range has been applauded on social media, with people saying that "it took long enough" but "it's never too late".


"Some will say it's not enough, others will say it took too long. While there's no arguing both points, if this is what it takes to make progress, I'll take it," one Twitter user said.

Other people, however, pointed out that it took Band-Aid many decades of selling paler skin coloured bandages before they made the change.

"It took 100 years Band-Aid. #WeSeeYou," one Twitter user said.

It is not yet known when the new bandages will be on sale.