A mega YouTube star has been slammed by fans after releasing a new make-up collection that has been branded "tone deaf" in today's current climate.

Beauty mogul Jeffree Star, who is known for his controversial personality, released details of his new eyeshadow palette named Cremated on the weekend.

However the death-themed 24-shades of grey and cream palette has upset some fans, with some calling it "too much" in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

"Jeffree Star rly released a CREMATION themed palette in the middle of a global pandemic in which the bodies of thousands killed by covid are being cremated," one angry woman wrote on Twitter.


"So ur gonna tell me Jeffree star is releasing a palette called 'cremated' during a global pandemic where thousands are dying," another said.

While one wrote: "My grandma had to be cremated after she died from Covid. This seems like bad timing for such a product."

Others labelled the branding "tone deaf".

Not everyone is against the name of the palette, which costs $US58 ($90) and contains shades with names such as "Grave Digger," "Obituary," and "R.I.P.".

In news.com.au's The Beauty Diary Facebook group, readers were divided on the product.

"I'm not offended, I think the name is just a reflection of his ridiculousness which he clearly coined pre 'rona. It's not like he called it 'pandemic' or 'plague'," one said.

"The timing is awful – however these things are planned so far in advance it is beyond anyone's control," another said.

Many echoed the sentiment of it being in "poor taste", with one describing it as "obnoxious".


"Problematic is a word often used to describe the palette," one said.

Jeffree Star has not yet commented on the backlash.

The make-up product is set to be released on May 22, with fans already gearing up for a frenzy.

The YouTube influencer's last make-up collection "Conspiracy" caused shopping chaos when it was released in November last year.

Fans complained of websites crashing, causing frustration among shoppers.

But it didn't stop the collection – which was in collaboration with conspiracy theorist Shane Dawson – earning a jaw-dropping $35 million (NZ$58.8m) at the time.


Jeffree has a whopping 16 million YouTube subscribers and is known for his sassy product reviews.