As New Zealand awaits news on moving out of alert level 4 and into alert level 3, Kiwis have been busy dreaming up what they will do post level 4 life.

Under level 4 restrictions, New Zealanders have been unable to go out to eat, or order takeaways to eat in.

They've been unable to see any friends or family unless they're in the same bubble or attend school or work.

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From takeaway coffees to McDonald's cheeseburgers - we've rounded up what Kiwis are most looking forward to doing when lockdown moves to level 3.

Lydia, 22

"I panic bought a Nintendo Switch a week before lockdown and it never arrived in time so holding out for that so I can finally play Animal Crossing and escape the real world. And definitely missing my Macca's quarter pounder combo with a choccy shake. I've also been away from my flat where I have my own bathroom and I definitely took it for granted."

Adelaide, 2

"Kindy and fried rice."

Jenni, 29

"I'm holding out for a takeaway coffee, double-cheeseburger with extra pickles, a giant curry with garlic naan and being able to (hopefully) let my mum see her grandson."

Roddy, 65

"I'm looking forward to my wife not watching me with binoculars from the house to ensure I'm not talking to our neighbours when they drive past the hay shed. I'm also looking forward to my wife being able to go back to work and not knowing that what I really do with my day is drink cups of tea and yarn to my other retired mates on the phone."

Oscar, 6 and Max, 4

"Going to the beach, seeing our grandparents, new shoes and fish and chips."

Bobbi, 62

"I just want a pepperoni pizza and to cuddle my grandson."

Chris, 38

"Looking forward to reconnecting with my parents in a socially-distanced fashion. It's been tough for the kids to be away from Grandma and Grandad and walk along the beach would be amazing. Also desperate to smash a takeaway burger or three."


Kevin, 63

"I'm used to working 12 hours a day on the tools, and while I've done several minor projects through the house, I feel a bit like my life is lacking purpose. I can't wait to get back to the job site so I can have beers in a different location to the garage. Plus, I'm sick of getting yelled at for using power tools in the house while my daughter is on Zoom calls and I just want my daily Caltex flat white again."

Sarah, 26

"Food is the only thing I care about. I am PRAYING Eden Noodle Cafe does some sort of delivery - I'm suffering withdrawals akin to what I imagine a heroin detox is like."

Mon, 28

"More online shopping options, beyond 'essential items'. I cannot stop online shopping as I have nothing else to do - I currently have five different packages en route."

Kyle, 28

"I'm looking forward to being one step closer to level 2, not having to cook every night and hopefully being able to get Eden Noodle Cafe, come on guys please."

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Gabe, 27

"Being able to order my grumpy hungover girlfriend McDonald's to calm her on Saturday mornings, ransacking the Ponsonby food court via the internet and driving to Muriwai to stretch my legs."

Laura, 27

"I'm excited for being able to order a small triple shot flat white to take away while wearing a new top from an online shopping order that isn't activewear, and being one step closer to having a wine with my best friends on the deck."

Emma, 27

"I'm gagging to find a large Allpress soy flat white with an extra shot, some overpriced salmon and tuna sashimi with a seaweed salad side, an Angus burger with so many extra pickles and mayo, 2x large diet cokes with an apple pie side, then a classic ham sub from Subway with all the trimmings and several m&m cookies."

Jed, 22

"I'm looking forward to escaping my parent's house, grabbing a Macca's share box all for myself in the 2-mile long drive-thru line and then enjoying my own space back at the flat. Still gutted I can't get a fresh haircut, but it seems a minor inconvenience when compared to what's going on in the rest of the world."

Chris, 53

"I'm looking forward to getting takeout food delivered. I'm so over preparing meals and doing dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day."