As the Covid-19 continues across the world, some people working remotely have been holding staff meetings via video.

Microsoft Teams has become a popular tool, but
Lizet Ocampo, who is the political director at People for the American Way, was one the people who couldn't quite handle the system, according to BuzzFeed News.

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As part of her work with Latinx voters, Ocampo joins a regular virtual happy hour for community leaders hosted by Equis, and downloaded quirky filters to to make the happy hour more fun.


However when she got to her professional meeting, she had forgotten all about the filters.

"So Monday morning, when we started the meeting, I saw myself as a potato," she said.

"I was so confused as to why I was a potato. Of all the things I could be, why a potato?"

She soon realised that she didn't know how to change her video back to normal.

"I just kind of gave up and stayed as a potato for the rest of the call," she said.

Meanwhile, her colleagues had a good laugh and one chose to share the blunder on social media.

The tweet soon went viral, attracting more than 900,000 likes and 200,000 comments.

Ocampo didn't find out that her faux pas was shared to the world until her colleague sent her a text on Monday evening.


"Are you awake right now? I have something hilarious to tell you and I hope you think it's as funny as I do because I'm also scared. I tweeted about you as a potato today and it's VIRAL," she texted.

Luckily, Ocampo also found her mistake funny and has enjoyed the replies from people on Twitter, joining in the fun and sharing some puns.