Harry and Meghan's royal duties are done and dusted, but their cold reunion with William and Kate is still making headlines.

Lip-reading and body language experts have revealed to several publications what they think the royals really whispered to each other in church during the Commonwealth Day service on March 9.

Here's what Harry whispered to Meghan, what William said to Kate, and what William said to his younger brother as the couples sat down.

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When the Cambridges arrived at Westminster Abbey, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were already seated.

William's brief "hello" to his brother and sister-in-law gathered smiles from them and a slight wave from Meghan, but Kate did not make any eye contact with the couple.

The Daily Telegraph's royal commentator Camilla Tominey revealed that the lack of hand-shaking because of the coronavirus outbreak was on William's mind, as he spoke to Kate about how strange it was.

Harry appeared nervous during the service. Photo / AP
Harry appeared nervous during the service. Photo / AP

Tominey revealed that he told Kate: "We can't shake hands and we have to hold back. We will have to put loads of hand gel on afterwards. I am not used to it, it feels weird."

According to the Express, a lip-reader deciphered what Harry whispered to Meghan after his brother's greeting.

Body language and lip-reading expert Nick Davies said while the quality of the video made it hard to read Harry's lips, he told the publication, "What I can see and the gesture he makes with his head is likely to be a quip, something like 'Well, this is awkward … shall we go!,' [moves head to gesture towards exit]."

But according to Tominey, the Duke of Sussex just repeated to Meghan what his brother said to him. "He literally said, 'Hello, Harry' and that was it and he didn't say anything more than that."

Davies interpreted Meghan's body language as "disengaged".


"Meghan's knees are still pointed towards Harry as that's where she feels safe. When she says hello to William and Kate, this shows real inner conflict from her duty to be nice to them, when inside she feels completely disengaged to them," he said.