Kiwi radio host Megan Papas' hack for finding the perfect pair of shoes is being called a "game-changer" by online shoppers.

Papas, host of ZM's morning show, shared a video on Facebook showing how she uses a tiny cutout version of herself when shopping online.

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The clip has since gathered around 15,000 likes and 48,000 comments and has been shared on news sites around the world, from the Daily Mail UK to Metro and the Mirror.


She explained that to make sure accessories match an outfit, she prints out a photo of herself wearing the ensemble and places it above the shoes when browsing online.

The Auckland radio host demonstrated the hack by printing out a photo of her side profile, cutting off the feet and laminating it.

She then positioned the printout above images of shoes online to see if they would go with her outfit.

It means she can avoid having to return items bought online, as she knows exactly how they'll look before they arrive.

The video, captioned "Megan's online shoe shopping trick is too good" had social media users very impressed.

"Game changer!" one wrote.

Another commented: '"I'm going to start doing this", with a third adding "Why am I laughing so much? That's brilliant!"