It's banned on trains in Singapore, but a fruit that smells like dead bodies is a popular pizza topping in China.

Durian fruit, which somewhat resembles jackfruit, is sold as a topping in American pizza chain Domino's China branches, reports the Daily Star.

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The pizza costs around $22 NZD and is bright yellow. You can customise it with a stuffed crust filling of either sweet potato mash, sausage, cheese or salty custard - and you can even get a mayonnaise base sauce.


If you're a fan of the fruit you can also get it in dessert form, stuffed in pastry with cheese and cinnamon to make a "durian cheese pie".

You might be a foodie if you've heard of this fruit. The spiky green durian, called the "King of Fruits" is native to southeast Asia in Borneo and Sumatra, but is also found in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Durian fruit is known for smelling a bit like corpses. Photo / Dominos
Durian fruit is known for smelling a bit like corpses. Photo / Dominos

Its smelly reputation means it's actually banned from public transport in some Asian countries.

If you get a whiff, you'll find it smells a bit like corpses. It's been described as akin to the scent of "turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock" and after eating it your breath will smell "as if you've been French kissing your dead grandmother".

It's also called "vomit fruit", but despite the less than appetising fragrance, it's said you can get used to the smell for the sake of enjoying the fruit.

Apparently it's delicious and full of health benefits - it's used in traditional Asian medicine as an anti-fever treatment and an aphrodisiac.

It's "savoury, sweet and creamy all at once", apparently tasting like "diced garlic and caramel poured into whipped cream".

This might be even more controversial than pineapple on pizza - would you try it?