Royal aides reportedly "cringed" after Meghan Markle posted a behind the scenes video from her Vogue magazine editorship .

In the clip the Duchess of Sussex dons a silly hat and puts a party blower in her mouth - and aids fear the image "could come back to haunt her", and could even be made into a '"Megxit meme".

In the video, shared to the Sussex Royal Instagram, 38-year-old Meghan hands British Vogue's Editor in Chief Edward Enninful a sparkly party hat and thanked him for letting her be the first-ever guest editor of the magazine, last September.

According to The Daily Mail, Meghan and Edwards had been keen to put the video out since last summer but had been advised by palace officials because it was seen to be too 'inane' and frivolous.


The pair were filmed calling some of the women selected to be on her front cover, and Enninful praises Meghan for her "editor's eye", claiming: "I've never seen anything like it. You were so thorough from beginning to end."

Filmed in London last August, as the clip begins Enninful reveals he received a text from Meghan asking for his help with her Smart Works project.

Enninful said he was "so excited" walking into Kensington Palace, to which Meghan replied: "Oh my gosh."

Enninful continues: "I was like, 'Lovely to meet you, Duchess.' And you were like... 'Call me Meghan!'"

After Enninful agreed to work with her on the Smart Works charity project, Meghan explained that she asked him if he would be willing to let her guest edit an edition of Vogue.

Meghan admitted that she left the fashion element "to the professionals", but did add: "I did say, 'Can you do Commonwealth fashion?' 'Can you do sustainability?' 'Can we make sure the point of view is really in the right ethos?' And then I'll leave it to the experts."

Enninful replied: "You wanted to focus on women who are changing the world, women who are doing incredible things, which really is in line with what we do at British Vogue."

Meghan went on to reveal she had a "surprise" for Enninful, to congratulate him for bringing her vision to life.


She handed the editor a glittery hat and put on a small silver one herself and the duo blew party horns before sharing a laugh.