Forgotten to buy a Valentine's Day gift for your one and only today? Don't worry, this Auckland florist can get you out of the "sin bin".

Pine & Ginger Floral Co, a service that sells and delivers bouquets, has decided to help lads across Auckland to get away with giving their partners a delayed gift — by giving them a free "yellow card" with a purchase.

Blokes who need to buy a last-minute gift can order a bouquet of flowers to be sent on Saturday, February 15 and the company will attach a letter taking the fall for the delayed delivery.

"The letter, written by the company and includes their logo reads:


"We sincerely apologise that you didn't receive these flowers yesterday on Valentine's Day. Our delivery man was bitten by a dog and couldn't fulfil your partner's order, which we can confirm they made months ago in preparation for this very special day.

"This was definitely not at all a last-minute order. They really love you, we promise. This is our bad.

"We guarantee your partner put careful consideration into building the best bouquet for you. They asked that we include all your favourite flowers and blooms which remind them of you ... unfortunately those flowers aren't available but your partner definitely knows what they are.

"Honestly. We hope you'll direct your anger and disappointment towards us, our delivery guy and most importantly the dog. Don't blame your partner, it's not their fault. They told us they love you very much.

"Again, just to clarify, this late delivery isn't your partner's fault.

"We hope you enjoy your flowers - we made sure they're as beautiful as you.

"Kind regards,

Pine and Ginger Floral Co."

Get out of the
Get out of the "sin bin" with this "yellow card".

The owner of Pine and Ginger Floral Co, Daryian Tee, told the Herald the "yellow card" was an idea he and his colleagues came up with to help lads get out of the "sin bin".

"I know what's it's like ... a lot of them forgot [to buy presents for Valentines Day]," he said.

"I was getting calls at 11.30 last night with people saying 'bro, can you please sort me out.'

"Just like in sport, you're out of the game for a little bit, but you're not completely out of the game like a red card."

Teei said their service is completely "smashed" with orders today — so you better get in quick with orders in quick for tomorrow.