A bride and groom have been shamed online after they sent a card to their friends asking them to give them cash to "aid in a beautiful honeymoon".

While it's not that unusual to ask friends and family for money around a wedding, the card has raised eyebrows, as it also delivered the bad news that the people receiving it would not be invited to the wedding.

"As much as we would love for you to attend, sadly, our venue can not accommodate everyone," the note read.

"We are sure to keep you in our hearts in this celebration of love."


The card then said the couple are "accepting money".

The card has been slammed online after a photo of it was shared on the Wedding Shaming group on Reddit, where users labelled it "greedy", "weird" and "awkward".

"This is so tacky. Why would I send them something if I'm not even invited," one commenter asked.

"People are so greedy these days it's shameful. 'You aren't invited to the wedding but still send us money'. Are you kidding me," another incredulous commenter said.

"Why do people think anyone else gives a s*** about their honeymoon," another said. "Everyone is struggling, so if you can't afford to have a big wedding, don't! The entitlement is mind-boggling."

"Honestly don't get why people think they're owed something for getting married, it's something you have chosen to do for yourselves, it's basically just an inconvenient party for everyone else," another said.

The card was shared on Reddit. Photo / Reddit
The card was shared on Reddit. Photo / Reddit

But some commenters could see the logic in sending the card.

"I could see sending a non-invitation to avoid some drama. Basically it lets people know you didn't snub them," one person wrote on the post.


"A big wedding is expensive, people will understand you can't invite everyone. To even mention a gift in that case though, that is extremely tacky."

Another commenter agreed, saying they'd copped "backlash" after not wanting to have a gift registry at their own wedding.

"People care about traditions more than you think. This card is pretty egregious, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying (on your wedding website to people you have invited), 'hey if you feel compelled to get us a gift, help us make memories instead because we don't need more kitchen utensils'."