Once a week I use a face scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells and build-up of product that my cleanser alone can't shift.

There's something strangely therapeutic – and kind of gross – about wiping away that stubborn gunk to reveal a fresh face.

But one annoying thing I find using some exfoliants is how hard it can be to get it off my face, particularly with the traditional grainier style products.

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However I've recently discovered a new scrub, NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Scrub Extreme Night Pads, that lifts that icky stuff off my skin without leaving anything behind. It does this with active ingredient glycolic acid, a popular chemical exfoliant which comes from the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) family.

Former MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis is also a massive fan, recently posting about it on her Instagram and telling her 297,000 followers she uses it for "smoothing out texture, banishing breakouts and scarring".

The post, which was shared with a snap of Martha wearing her bathrobe and looking in the mirror, was extremely successful, causing the product to sellout.

The "ultimate night treatment" I now use instead of traditional face scrubs. Photo / Supplied

"It generated an amazing amount of product interest and traffic to the newly launched www.beauty-connections.com website, resulting in a sell-out of the pads online in 24hrs," a spokesperson for NIP+FAB told The Beauty Diary.

The post also caused the brand's entry level Glycolic Fix pads to sell out too.

"Martha translated how the products work and how they worked best for her with her unique tips and tricks which were relatable for new and existing customers," the spokesperson explained.

"The educational side of this partnership was really important to us given the active ingredient, which was why we selected to work with someone who knew what they were talking about and was familiar with the ingredients and formulations."