A couple who are both porn stars have opened up on the secret to their successful marriage — openly having sex with other people.

Cassie and Dorian del Isla have been married for five years after meeting while Cassie was working at the gentleman's club in Toulouse, France that Dorian owned.

Describing their chemistry as "immediate", the pair married two years later in the small French town where Dorian grew up, news.com.au reports.

But rather than settle into a traditional marriage of kids and monogamy, the pair instead found themselves becoming adult entertainers after Cassie was approached with an X-rated "opportunity".


The "sexually adventurous couple" decided to snap up the opportunity, recording their first ever porn video together — and they haven't looked back since, even embracing an open marriage.

Shortly after Cassie and Dorian del Isla married, the pair became porn stars. Photo / Supplied
Shortly after Cassie and Dorian del Isla married, the pair became porn stars. Photo / Supplied

"My husband and I are both very aggressive sexually," Cassie told news.com.au.

"While we can certainly be defined as swingers, we do not solely rely on swinger clubs, because the purpose of them is perhaps too obvious."

"Dorian and I prefer the challenge of 'the hunt,'" she continued.

"We like to meet other couples or individuals in more casual places like grocery stores, museums, or nightclubs. That way we can talk, flirt, and really get to know our potential hook-ups in a less sexualised environment, so that we can decide if we want to invite them into our sensual world and ask them to be a part of our love life."

The pair — who now live on the Spanish party Island of Ibiza — said they understand their career choice and open marriage is perceived as unusual by many.

But both believe that any couple could enjoy a rich sex life with multiple partners.

"You've got to love yourself and embrace your uniqueness before you can love another," Dorian told news.com.au.


"Whether you're in a monogamous or a polyamorous relationship, if you let your personal hang-ups get you down and you're not committed to self-improvement, you'll probably have issues in your love life."

He added: "My wife and I believe in ourselves and we're constantly striving to be better as individuals.

They credit the success of their marriage to having multiple sexual partners. Photo / Twitter
They credit the success of their marriage to having multiple sexual partners. Photo / Twitter

"When we let others into our bed we never let our anxieties get the best of us — that will lead to jealously that can ruin the fun and damage our bond."

The couple agrees that mutual consent with regard to each new sex participant is crucial to the success of their open marriage.

"Communication is crucial if you're a married couple seeing additional sex partners," Dorian said. "We never get intimate with another person unless my wife and I both agree beforehand that the potential lover will be a healthy addition to our sexual circle. We must both give consent."

"We don't live in the stone age anymore," Cassie added. "People aren't constantly hunting or gathering; we have lots of free time and we live longer than ever. Being with someone for a lifetime takes not only work and trust, but also a pragmatic outlook."


The adult entertainers are currently both in the US having been nominated for the second year running as the Foreign Performers of the Year at the annual AVN Adult Industry Awards, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 25th.

"Sex is good, fun, and healthy," Cassie said. "Sexual variety should be a part of every marriage, but sex should never be taken too seriously.

"No marriage should end because of a spouse's sexual infidelity. Instead, a sexual adventure with additional lovers should strengthen a marriage so that a couple can enjoy a long and joyful marriage."