Gin and tonic, move aside because there is a new sheriff in town.

Over the years there have been many wonderful gin combinations such as gin and juice, lemonade, among others.

But with gin's popularity soaring, especially pink gin, there has been a growing number of wacky flavours available on the market.

UK-based Sweet Little Liqueurs, a new liqueur company which is known for creating unique flavours inspired by some of our favourite childhood sweets, has launched its brand new Hubba Bubba gin.


The Hubba Bubba edition is said to taste exactly like the bubblegum we all know and love.

According to Sweet Little Liqueurs it mixes well with lemonade, tonic water or prosecco.

"Bubble Gum Gin Liqueur is certainly unique and also nostalgic, as it takes you back to your childhood when you're sipping on this brilliant bubblegum flavoured liqueur!"

While the bubble gum gin isn't available to buy in New Zealand, you can get your hands on it in the UK for NZ$43.

The news got gin fans excited, with some saying it's like taking a step back into their childhood.

"Just discovered there's hubba bubba flavored gin and I can't think of any better way to celebrate my childhood," one said.

One fan of the throwback treat wrote: "I'm not being dramatic but if one of my friends/family doesn't find me some Hubba Bubba gin for my bday I'll actually cry."

But some Twitter users were up in arms over the flavour combo, asking why on Earth it even exists before confirming they were "disgusted" by the violation of perfectly good bubble gum.


One disgusted user tweeted: "Couldn't think of anything worse than hubba bubba gin, wrong."

Another said: "I am unfriending the next person to tag me in the Hubba Bubba monstrosity on Facebook."