Get paid to party? It would be a dream job for many Kiwis.

Now that dream could become a reality thanks to a Swedish-based company called Gnista Spirits, is offering to pay you to party ... sober.

The non-alcoholic beverage maker is on the hunt for two "highly experienced party animals" to hit the town without the booze.

You'll get to spend the ultimate night out in Stockholm - overpriced dinner, pregame, clubbing 'til dawn, the works - the only difference is you'll be swapping the vodka shots for mocktails.


"Gnista is newly launched and proud to offer the only non-alcoholic spirit that truly resembles a fine spirit," the job description reads.

"Taste-wise this statement has been verified by a number of established bartenders and industry experts. Now it's time to put the feeling to the test, thus Gnista is looking for highly experienced party animals.

"We are truly serious about our vision to make it easier to choose non-alcoholic, through offering outstanding products that imitate the experience you normally get from drinking alcohol. This is where you come in."


Gnista is not only paying more than $75 an hour, but also covering travel and hotel expenses for you and a friend. You'll score a stay at Stockholm's trendy Downtown Camper, dinner for two and unlimited drinks.

"The Gnista product development department needs first-hand intelligence on how Gnista consumption affects the desire to dance until dawn, inspire you to let loose (using your tie as a headband?) and if it gives you that pizza-craving Netflix bingeing (placebo) hangover," the company said.

"People who prefer to snuggle up with a good book shouldn't bother: This position is for you who more or less live for the weekends. The successful candidate has never tried being sober when out clubbing (due to prejudice that it's only lame people who opt for the non-alcoholic).

"Being single and ready to mingle, being outgoing and fluent in English and/or Swedish is considered a plus."


And the good news? Kiwis can apply here.

Applications close February 29, 2020.