• This was one of the hits from the Herald's summer series.

Are you a boomer struggling to understand the millennial in your life? Our series, Who Wants To Be A Millennial? is here to help.

"That's lit. You slay. Throw some shade."

Millennial lingo is becoming increasingly complicated and a new mixed bag of sayings is making it hard for the oldies to keep up.


Don't worry, we're here to help with our new "game show", Who Wants To Be A Millennial?

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Each day, resident boomer (okay, he's actually only 48) Chris Reed, will spin a wheel containing eight bits of millennial slang. When it stops, he'll try to work out what the word, or words, it stops on means.

If he gets stuck, which let's face it, he almost inevitably will, our resident Cool Young Person Sinead Corcoran will help him out.


After incorrectly guessing that "basic" means horrendously hungover, Sinead set him straight.

"Basic means to be only interested in things mainstream, popular, and trending," she explained.

"To insult someone you would call them basic."

"Oh right, well there you go." replied an educated Chris.