Kiwis have been left "horrified" and "confused" after a woman shared her boyfriend's workmate's bizarre act involving his wife on social media.

Taking to the Facebook group Kiwis Being Kiwis, a woman explained that after speaking to her boyfriend she became stunned when he mentioned that his Indian colleague charges his wife $60 to mow their lawns — and he thought it was okay.

"My boyfriend said he would understand if in a relationship they would charge each other but in a marriage it's different, you don't do that.

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"This statement of his stunned me and I didn't agree with him that even just in a relationship either half should be charged for doing something around the house or inside housework as a result in an argument where he wanted to be right and me wrong."

She then went to ask for ladies' opinion about the unusual habit.

"How would you feel if in a relationship your boyfriend would charge you let's say for example for mowing the lawns, or for anything? Is it acceptable in a relationship?" she asked.

Many were baffled by the situation, with some saying it should go both ways if that is the kind of arrangement a couple would have.

"If you are not married but live under the same roof, if she is responsible for keeping the house cleaned then he should be responsible for the outside. A relationship is a team effort. But, to be the devil's advocate here, no one knows the entire situation, maybe she charges him to do other things (laundry, taking care of his children), so he reciprocates by charging her for mowing the lawns," one wrote.

Another agreed: I've been married for seven years and personally no I wouldn't expect to be charged for doing things around our home for us and our family? Doesn't make sense just as we would do housework. Wouldn't expect to be paid. It just gets done, teamwork. That's so weird man. Poor lady."

One said whether the woman works or not, it's a man's job to look after the outside of a household.

"My dad did it, my man does it and now my sons are doing it. So girl if he is charging you for that get out of there because where is it going to stop?"


However, another pointed out it's "probably some cute joke about pocket money that he can do whatever he wants with."

Many joked if it went both ways women would come out richer or the men "couldn't afford" them.