A new report claims Prince Andrew was used by Jeffrey Epstein to bait a 15-year-old girl into coming to his Caribbean hideaway.

It's said one of Epstein's assistants offered to introduce the teenage girl to Prince Andrew when both men would be staying on Little St James.

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The woman, who is known only as "Jane Doe 15", claims the invite followed a "vicious, prolonged sexual assualt" from Epstein, according to The Sun.


She alleges Epstein attacked her at his New Mexico ranch in 2004, as reported by the Sunday Times.

According to a lawsuit, she met Epstein on a New York school trip, soon sent off to his ranch on a private plane with several other girls.

One if his assistants later reached out to her to lure her to the island - the location at the centre of a probe into Epstein's sex trafficking ring at the time of his prison suicide.

But she refused the invite "out of fear" - she didn't meet Andrew and never saw Epstein again.

There's no evidence the prince knew about the invite, only claims that his name was used to bribe the girl to come to the island.

Prince Andrew has denied any involvement with Epstein's victims, including Virginia Giuffre. Photo / File
Prince Andrew has denied any involvement with Epstein's victims, including Virginia Giuffre. Photo / File

The allegations come from the woman's lawyer, Gloria Allred, in a letter sent to the Duke of York last week.

"A central element of [Epstein's] predatory behaviour was to present himself as having connections to the world's most powerful people," Allred wrote.

"In trying to persuade her [to go to the island], Mr Epstein's representative conveyed to Jane Doe 15 that Mr Epstein was close to you, that you would be among the guests and that she would have an opportunity to meet you.


"Your prestige and reputation were directly touted in his attempts to engage in further harm."

Allred has called on Andrew to give "sworn testimony" to the FBI "in the interest of serving justice and helping the victims of Mr Epstein to find peace."

There have already been claims that Andrew was used as "stardust" to entice people to Epstein's parties, according to The Sun.

The lawsuit also claims Epstein gave "Jane Doe'" a tour of his private plane, starting with the bedroom.

"Epstein explained to Jane Doe 15 that, when he slept on the bed, he liked to have women sleep at his feet.

"Epstein's description of the women sleeping around him on the floor made her immediately think of slaves."

The documents also say that on board the flight, Epstein mentioned former president Bill Clinton and asked the girl her age.

"Jane Doe 15 found her interactions with Epstein on the plane strange.

"But she recognised one of the other girls on the plane as a model who had been on a magazine cover that month.

"Jane Doe 15 remembers finding that reassuring, and thinking: 'If she's here, it must be ok'."

Buckingham Palace would not comment on the report, but in a BBC interview Andrew denied any involvement in or knowledge of Epstein's alleged abuse.

According to a palace spokesman, the Duke "unequivocally regrets his ill-judged association with Jeffrey Epstein" and "deeply sympathises with those affected who want some form of closure."