It's a struggle all parents can relate to — how do you get your kid to swallow their medicine?

Luckily one mum has shared her genius solution to making cough syrup more palatable for little ones — and it's so simple, you'll be kicking yourself for not thinking of it earlier.

In a Facebook post, blogger Rach, who writes under the name Mummy Looks Funny, shared how she managed to convince her two daughters to take their medicine.

Describing it as the "parent hack of the century", Rach said she came up with the idea last year after struggling to get her "tantruming toddler" to take a "vile yellow antibiotic".


According to Rach, all you needed was some hundreds and thousands sprinkles — any type would do, reports.

"Sprinkle the sprinkles onto the spoonful of previously repulsive liquid. BAM!" she wrote.
"You now have yourself some delicious and magical unicorn potion. Works every time in this house!"

Rach's method has been shared thousands of times. Photo / Facebook
Rach's method has been shared thousands of times. Photo / Facebook

Rach's advice struck a chord with other parents, with the post since shared more than 16,000 times and attracting 13,000 comments.

"I'm definitely giving this a try, it's genius!" one wrote, while another added: "Good idea! I will try it next time."

Meanwhile other parents hilariously pointed out that medicine today tasted a lot better than it did when they were a child.

"What is wrong with kids these days I'd die for some of that good stuff," one mum wrote. "What happened back in the day, us 90s kids used to get forced to take it, pinned down like John Cena."

"Kids these days are so wimpy… Try being forced to take a spoon of cod liver oil," another added.

After the original post went viral, Rach shared another update revealing she had been overwhelmed by the response.


"I actually can't believe that 2.5 million people have seen my weird parenting hack that I dreamt up in a desperate, sleep-deprived bid to get my toddler to take an antibiotic," she wrote.

"I haven't stopped laughing. It's beyond bizarre. I genuinely didn't think this would happen in my wildest dreams. I just wanted to give you all a laugh and hopefully prevent a few tantrums among children and parents alike.

"Thank you so-so much to everyone who liked, shared and left lovely comments!"