At 55 years old, Teri Hatcher says she's more confident than she's ever been.

The Desperate Housewives actress recently shared a bikini photo on her Instagram and explained why she posted it.

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"Here's the thing," she wrote in the Instagram caption. "I've finally figured out how to be comfortable in my own skin. Maybe not every day but a lot of them.


"Age allows you to be clear on your purpose and cherish who and what you are grateful for."

She said exercise wasn't about "looking good naked" for her but that it was about her wellbeing.

"This is my truth and being in this 55-year-old body actually feels liberating."

Hatcher said she took the photos after finishing an 8-week F45 challenge, which focuses on nutrition and fitness.

The actress said getting older had brought more good things into her life than bad.

"You have enough age to see the miracle of life and enough youth to revel in that knowledge.

"You can be vulnerable and strong at the same time. You can forgive others and yourself. You are willing to put in the effort to reach a goal … or not, and that's okay," she wrote.

"Mostly, you know to make the most of every moment. For me that is sharing joy & positivity, knowledge I've gained through experience both successes and failures, and helping to lift others up."