The Kardashians have had their fair share of family feuds in the past, but this one may be the most shocking yet.

In the most recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which is streaming on Foxtel Now, Kim and Khloe stalk their older sister Kourtney, who they're angry at for keeping her private life away from the cameras, reports

"Our job is being open and honest and sharing ourselves, and for the past few years Kourtney hasn't been open about her personal life on camera, so on all the days Kourtney isn't filming, Khloe and I are having to pick up the slack and share more," Kim tells the camera.

After spotting a "hickey" on Kourtney's neck, Kim and Khloe have an issue with her not sharing news of a new relationship with them or the cameras.


"Kourtney having a hickey is wild to me, I didn't even know she was hooking up with anybody," Kim says.

Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian West. Photo / Getty Images
Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian West. Photo / Getty Images

In order to figure out what their older sister has been up to, Kim and Khloe sneakily follow Kourtney as she drives to someone's house and notice a strange man answering the door.

The sisters sneak into the backyard of the random suburban house, and it's actually really hilarious to watch.

Naturally, they're not that discreet, getting busted by Kourtney before an almighty fight breaks out.

"What the f**k are you doing here," Kourtney yells as she walks outside.

"Whose house is this?" Khloe asks.

"I'm having a meeting. Do you want to come inside? I'm not literally dating anyone, (but) what if I actually was and you bring the cameras here? It's so disrespectful," Kourtney hits back.

"If I have boundaries, respect them. Just because you like to show every single thing.


"I will not share my relationships."

The next day, Kim and Khloe FaceTime Kourtney while she's taking a cooking class with several friends and her kids.

"We have a proposal for you. It starts with 'f' and ends with 'd'," Kim says brutally, obviously meaning to say fired.

"I am down. But what's with the meanness? I was just trying to invite you over for some dinner," Kourtney says before hanging up.

She then texts Khloe, who relays her message: "Kourtney said 'f**k you both with your bad vibes. How dare anyone disrespect me like that in front of my daughter. I'm now crying when I have people over'."

Speaking to camera, Kourtney later says: "If Kim thinks she has the power to fire me from our family show, it's crazy. Sometimes we just need a break, and I don't want to film with Kim."


Keeping Up With The Kardashians season finale airs next Monday at 1pm on E!