Which way?

Those two words are driving people crazy at the moment after an innocent question about a toilet roll caused a massive divide online.

So, are you someone who hangs your toilet roll with the paper sitting over the roll – or are you firmly in the opposite camp and let your toilet paper trail down the wall?

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One social media user shared two photos of her toilet roll in both scenarios to the cleaning and home organisation group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It and asked which way was correct.

The response has been overwhelming, with many feeling passionately about the option they adopt in their own homes.

"Definitely the first photo – bad manners to use the other way round," one person said.

"If I see the second I turn it around … makes me feel uneasy," another agreed.

One person wrote: "I used to work in a 5 star hotel … always over (left) was standard."

"It's got to be over the roll! Why would u want to wipe yourself with paper that's been rubbed down the wall first," another chipped in.

"The first one! The second one really irritates me gets me annoyed when people put it the wrong way," someone else said.

The debate over which way to hang toilet paper has people divided. Photo / 123rf
The debate over which way to hang toilet paper has people divided. Photo / 123rf

However, not everyone agreed, with some suggesting if you chose the second option, it meant you were "more generous" with your bathroom supplies.


"The right one means you're more generous," one said.

"Right every time," another agreed.

"Right all the way," one woman stated.

Some thought the whole debate was pointless, stating: "Does it really matter when your desperate to have a sh*t?"

However, there really is a correct way to do it.

The 1891 patent for the household device we all own – a toilet roll holder — states the end of the roll should be hanging off the exterior. Conundrum solved.

It's not the only everyday decision at home that has caused a stir recently, with a debate about how many sheets to use on a bed firing up Aussies and Kiwis alike.

The debate kicked off when Jenny Blenk, 20, a German living in Brisbane, made a list of what she called 11 strange Australian traits and items.

One of Jenny's dilemmas was how we make our beds, with the simple task sparking a lot of confusion.

"Wherever I go the blanket is tucked under the bed," Jenny said.

"You slip in and you can't really move because the blanket is tucked in. Then they have another layer of blanket over it to make it even more secure.

"They have not one sheet but two. One goes over the mattress … which we do in Europe … but I've never seen anyone have another sheet on top of this. I don't get it … why would you need two sheets?"