An Australian Facebook page has compiled a list of traits they think every true bogan has - but does it stack up across the ditch?

Like our Aussie cousins, New Zealand has a long and proud history of boganism. One of our biggest TV shows, Outrageous Fortune, follows the quintessentially bogan West family and we've even had a deputy PM who was proud to let her bogan flag fly when Westie MP Paula Bennett held the office in 2017.

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The Facebook page for the Daly Waters Pub in the Northern Territory posted the long list of bogan traits and quickly attracted thousands of views for the very relatable habits, which include:


• You say "just these thanks" at the servo counter.

• You say "yeah good chat mate" when you're talking to someone and they don't respond.

• You say "you're not wrong" when someone makes a good point.

• You call children "champion".

• You say "is it smoko yet?" after you've been at work for 10 minutes.

• You pour the leftover flavour out of the empty Shapes packet into your mouth.

• When someone offers you a beer you say "it'd be rude not to".

• You refer to random items as "these bad boys".


• You pretend to let someone in your car then drive off a little bit when they open the door.

• You say "yeah no worries mate" when you let someone merge in front of you and they don't wave.

• You ask on Facebook why the Police helicopter is flying over.

• You use a bread clip to repair your jandals.

• All the glasses in your kitchen have been knocked off from your local pub.

But while some of those do ring true, we reckon that real Kiwi bogans are a different breed.

Go West. Photo / Supplied
Go West. Photo / Supplied