The end of the week has brought about an unusual discussion about bed sheets.

Following a raging debate across the ditch as to whether Australians like a top sheet or just a duvet (or doona to be colloquially correct) the Herald created a poll to help settle the quandary here at home.

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Of the almost 2,500 people who participated in this morning's poll, 73 per cent were in favour of a top sheet.


Meanwhile Facebook commenters were overwhelmingly in support of the two sheet trend, with one saying "Top sheet definitely, all year round - it's usually all we have in the middle of summer.

"And who wants to be washing and ironing a duvet cover every week in winter?"

Another wrote, "I like the feeling of a top sheet ... I tuck my sheets in at the bottom only as I don't like feeling restricted and I can just kick my feet out the sides."

"I have always used a top sheet and I struggled with it while we've been travelling Europe for 7 months as they are not used here ... will definitely look forward to being home and making a bed properly," wrote another.

A few said no to top sheets, however, with one commenter calling them "an annoying unnecessary layer that gets tangled. Just use a duvet cover and wash it every week. Easy."

German vlogger Jenny Blenk is confused by Australians who use top sheets. Photo / Supplied
German vlogger Jenny Blenk is confused by Australians who use top sheets. Photo / Supplied

The debate was sparked across the ditch when Brisbane-dwelling traveller, 20-year-old Jenny Blenk, listed eleven things that were different in Australia from her home country Germany.

Top sheets were on her list of confusing things about the country.

"Wherever I go the blanket is tucked under the bed," Blenk said.


"You slip in and you can't really move because the blanket is tucked in. Then they have another layer of blanket over it to make it even more secure.

"They have not one sheet but two. One goes over the mattress ... which we do in Europe ... but I've never seen anyone have another sheet on top of this. I don't get it ... why would you need two sheets?"