Porn stars have caused outrage after being caught filming an adult movie inside an aircraft museum in the UK.

A source told the Sun that actors dressed as pilots and air hostesses filmed X-rated scenes inside a rocking aircraft at the Midland Air Museum, as families walked by.

A parent who became suspicious told a staff member, who then knocked on the door to query the stars.

However, they told the staff member that they were doing a swimwear shoot inside a Vickers Viscount plane that they hired for the day.


"It is astonishing they got away with shooting a film in a place steeped in history and wartime pride," a source told The Sun.

"And it is just horrendous that they were doing it while children were going past."

Two "pilots" and three "stewardesses" — Christina May, Emily Blake and Bethany Adams — took part in the film.

A photo later posted online shows the "pilot" having sex with one of the "stewardesses" in a row of plane seats.

Reportedly, adult film studio Banged Air paid the museum £100 (NZ$202) to hire the plane, which was once part of Air France's fleet — but museum staff said they had no idea what was going on.

"This group arrived wearing pilot uniforms and the like but that is not unusual as some people do re-enactments," manager Diane James said.

"If we had known what was going on we would have stopped it immediately. They have hoodwinked us."