Bunnings in Australia has decided to host a sausage sizzle to raise funds for the firefighters battling the deadly bushfires raging across the country.

However, some vegans in Australia have slammed the company for its choice of fundraising method.

"Why oh why are people selling sausages to raise money when it's known that meat is a contributing factor to climate change?!" a vegan woman posted on Facebook.

"Which is a contributing factor to these fires?! It honestly baffles my mind and makes me so sad. It's a heartbreaking cycle."


The post, on a Facebook group for vegans, saw many social media users agreeing with the woman.

"Just throw some thoughts and prayers and ignore the actual problem," one person responded.

Others thought the woman was missing the actual point and should see the sausage sizzle as a positive thing.

"Sorry what? There is nothing they can do about the sausages already produced but they can sell them to raise funds for fire fighters who are actually facing the real fires happening right now ..." one person commented.

"Right now, helping those fighting the fires is more dire than fighting the meat industry for climate change."

Bushfires continue to rage across Australia and have killed four people so far. Several homes have been lost as the fires continue to make their way across Queensland and New South Wales, with people being urged to flee their homes as firefighters tirelessly battle the blazes.

According to Yahoo News Australia, Bunnings will host a sausage sizzle on November 22, between 9am and 4pm, to raise money for the communities impacted by drought and bushfires.

"Customers who don't wish to purchase a sausage can still donate in-store on the day," a Bunnings spokesperson said.