A 21-year-old woman went to bed feeling groggy after coming down with a headache - the next morning she died in her mother's arms.

UK woman Jessica Cain had complained of a headache before taking paracetamol and going to bed, local media reported.

Sheila Rowell found her daughter in an unresponsive state in bed the next morning.

"She said she had a bit of a headache and felt a bit groggy. The next morning, I went to speak to her, but I couldn't wake her up."


Fearing the worst, Rowell phoned for an ambulance and attempted CPR, however, paramedics couldn't revive the 21-year-old.

She died on October 14.

It was later found she had meningitis and septicaemia – or blood poisoning.

21-year-old Jessica Cain went to bed feeling
21-year-old Jessica Cain went to bed feeling "groggy" with a headache. The next morning she died in her mum's arms. Photo / Facebook

Rowell told the Sun: "Everyone is still in shock. It hit everybody hard. It happened so quickly and was so sudden."

Rowell has shared her harrowing story to raise awareness of the potentially fatal illness.

Meningitis is an inflammation of the membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord, which is commonly caused by an infection.

Meningitis can be a life-threatening illness so urgent medical treatment is needed.

Friends have started a Gofundme page to help pay for funeral costs.



THE symptoms of meningitis develop suddenly and include:

- A high fever over 37.5C - the average human temperature
- being sick
- a headache
- a blotchy rash that doesn't fade when a glass is rolled over it
- stiffness, especially in the neck
- sensitivity to bright lights
- drowsiness, irritability or lack of energy
- cold hands and feet
- seizures

The classic rash associated with meningitis usually looks like small, red pin pricks at first. But it will spread over the body and turn into red or purple blotches. If you press the side of a glass firmly against the skin where the rash is and it does not fade, it is a sign of blood poisoning and you should get medical help immediately.