Goody Goody Gum Drops ice cream is as uniquely Kiwi as it is polarising - you're either a die hard fan of the pastel green bubble-gum flavour or consider it a dairy-and-lollies abomination.

For those who love the stuff, GGGD's creator Tip Top has relaunched it on a stick, coated in chocolate and just in time for summer.

It's been over a decade since it first showed up alongside other ice blocks and this time round it's a bit bigger than the 2008 version - 100ml compared to the original 78ml.

News of the launch on Tip Top's Facebook page was met with delight and 1,600 comments since it was posted yesterday.


Comments such as "What a time to be alive", "that's gotta be the best idea ever" and several posts about how nostalgic the ice cream is flooded the post.

One person asked what the chances are of Tip Top bringing back Paradiso ice blocks while another suggested the ice cream company give the same on-a-stick treatment to its Gold Rush flavour.

Some Kiwis have clearly already sampled the recreation as Denbigh Dairy & Gifts posted they've almost sold out of their first delivery.

The ice creams will be available individually and in four packs.