A children's birthday party turned south when the host fed uninvited children food from a "yuck" bin.

According to a thread on popular parenting forum, Mumsnet, a mother and party host came up with an unusual way to feed the extra children who had been dumped at her child's party along with their invited siblings.

She served up lunch boxes packed with typical party food: rolls, fairy cakes, fruit, and vege sticks, but realising there wasn't enough for the uninvited extras she decided to create a "yuck bin" - decorated with a vomiting emoji, none the less.

As you may have worked out, a yuck bin consists of all the food the invited children didn't like.


After collecting up the unwanted scraps from these children, the host mum rounded up the little party crashers and fed them the contents of the bin.

According to Mumsnet, a mother of one of the uninvited children flipped out when she learned how one of her children was fed.

The woman who posted about the incident was in support of the shocked mother: "I can see her point tbh – she's a rude cow for dumping her children wholesale without asking first, but the hosting mum's way of dealing with it was horrible."

The post received hundreds of comments, some siding with the host and others sticking up for the mothers of the uninvited children.

One wrote: "I would have rolled my eyes at the rudeness of dumping extra children, but I would probably have just bought extra food boxes."

Another shared: "The parent who dumped the kids there is [sic] in the wrong. At least the party mum gave them something."

At least one commenter vehemently disagreed, writing: "This is an appalling way to treat children. Essentially feeding them from a slops bucket."