A funeral in Germany has left 13 mourners involuntary high on marijuana after a severe cake mix-up.

The funeral-goers went to a restaurant for coffee and cake for the wake, Rostock police said.

After eating the cake, 13 people experience nausea and dizziness and had to seek medical treatment.

The police investigation revealed that the restaurant employee in charge of organising the cake had asked her 18-year-old daughter to bake it. When picking up the cake to take to the funeral the woman took the hash cake from the freezer that the teenager had made for another occasion instead of the chocolate one.


The incident occurred in August this year but was not made public out of respect to the mourners.

This is not the first time a hash mix-up has happened. In 2015 a man handed out slices of cannabis cake celebrating his 50th birthday at a metal detecting convention.

Eighteen people either burst out in song, danced or collapsed after eating the cake. Police also reported that 13 were taken to the hospital.