She lost her sense of faith - instead, she gained a whole lot of followers and money.

A former Mormon missionary has opened up about how she ditched the "sexually repressed" church for a life as a porn star.

Addie Andrews grew up in an extremely religious household and was forced to attend church.

At 17, she was allowed to choose which Mormon church she attended, saying she "felt the most fulfilled when I was physically helping people"," she told the New York Post.


"The church took me in, was so welcoming, and wanted to do well by me."

But the bombshell adult entertainer revealed she had "little freedom" and only had sex once before the age of 26 and chose to accept Mormonism, a religion fiercely against premarital sex.

The now 29-year-old said she did many great things but felt further from her own identity.

"The problem is not just that premarital sex is denied but that they make it out to be a very serious sin and shameful thing to do.

"The deeper I got into the religion, the farther from my own identity I got."

Dedicated to her religion, she spent 18 months on a mission to help spread the word of the church across her state, which she says left her feeling like "a nun".

"I was very sexually repressed! You're essentially a nun, devoted to your religion for that period of time."

She couldn't be sexual, watch movies with her family on the Sabbath or even be her sister's bridesmaid — because the bridesmaid dress was "immodest" by Mormon standards. Her inability to be in her sibling's wedding party made Andrews reconsider her Mormon faith. She was also starting to miss her old passions: singing, dancing and acting.


In 2017 she stopped attending church and moved to become an actress.

Addie has risen up the ranks in the porn world. Photo / Supplied
Addie has risen up the ranks in the porn world. Photo / Supplied

After not being able to find work, she took up exotic dancing where she started receiving numerous messages from porn agents.

"I started getting contacted by a lot of porn agents," says the curvy adult film starlet, who today has more than 70,000 Instagram followers.

She has since moved to Florida and has quickly risen up the porn star rankings.

While her change of lifestyle was a shock to her family, Andrews said they have accepted her for who she is.

"I knew that they'd be a little shocked when I told them about my adult work," she says. While they've been open-minded about her new career, they're also averting their eyes.

"My brother said, 'I will definitely never watch your porn, but you seem happier than ever, so I support your decision'."