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As Kiwis, fish and chips play a part in some of our most cherished memories.

We enjoy it on the beach, for Friday night takeaways, and we know all too well how it can totally help a terrible hangover.

Can our taste-testers Sinead and Silke tell the difference between real and faux fish? Photo / NZME
Can our taste-testers Sinead and Silke tell the difference between real and faux fish? Photo / NZME

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People have favourite spots for the staple Kiwi meal all around the country and there are definitely some locally famous chippies.

In January, a Vegan Food and Living report revealed Kiwi appetites for plant-based diets are growing, so much so that vegan product suppliers are even struggling to keep up with demand.

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In response to the demands of the plant-based population, Wise Boys, a Grey Lynn 100% vegan burger shop has released NZ's first vegan version of the classic takeaway - "Fush and Chups."

Silke and Sinead, two fish and chip lovers tried it out.

Together they tasted the vegan fish and chips, as well as some normal fish and chips.

Did it hit the spot? Here's what they thought.

The test

At first sight, the crispy beer-battered banana blossom "fish" looked just like a fish.


However, get a bit closer and it's clear the fried patty doesn't smell like the sea at all.

Take a bite and you can tell why there's no fishy smell. If it tastes like anything you'd order from a fish and chip shop, it would be a delicious banana fritter.

The texture was quite stringy, unlike a fleshy piece of white fish, but very similar to artichoke.

The verdict

While the vegan fish was deliciously fried and tasty, the banana blossom wasn't fooling anyone - the texture was more similar to chicken and it tasted like hot banana.

Price-wise, at $13 for the dish it's probably steeper than your local fish and chippery - but is on par with those inner-city Auckland gourmet takes on fish and chips.

All in all - if you lead a vegan life, we reckon the Wise Boys "Fush and Chips" is a great Friday night takeaways option. But if you're in the mood for classic, Kiwi fish and chips - this faux-fish may not cut the mustard.