Catching another person on your baby monitor camera is every parent's worst nightmare.

That's exactly what happened to US mum Maritza Elizabeth who detailed on Facebook the moment she discovered her son was sleeping with a "ghost baby" in his cot.

"So last night I was positive there was a ghost baby in the bed with my son. I was so freaked out, I barely slept," she wrote alongside a photo taken from her baby monitor of her son asleep.

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Thankfully the truth turned out to be far less sinister, but you can totally see why she was so worked up.

In an image shared from her baby cam you can clearly see that next to the curled-up child is the face of another baby, which Maritza "tried creeping in there with a flashlight while my son was sleeping" to catch.

But in the morning Maritza discovered there was no ghost — just a husband who had missed a step when changing the sheets in her son's cot.

"Well, this morning I go to investigate a bit further. It turns out my husband just forgot to put the mattress protector on when he changed the sheets," she said. "I could kill him."

Maritza shared a second photo, taken during the daytime, which showed the mattress label — complete with the face of a baby — the "ghost baby" — was sitting just underneath a fitted sheet.

Maritza's hilarious mistake quickly went viral, racking up hundreds of comments and more than 281,000 shares.

"That looks terrifying on the monitor no wonder you were freaking out," one person wrote.

"Omg I would've lost my sh*t and ran in there! Or let's be honest, I'd make my husband run in there!" another added.


So last night I was positive there was a ghost baby in the bed with my son. I was so freaked out, I barely slept. I even...

Posted by Maritza Elizabeth on Friday, 18 October 2019

"I would have woke my child up and got them out of the room! I would flip out!!! That looks creepy as crap!!"

Other mums who have spotted figures on baby monitors haven't been as lucky as Maritza. Back in January, Western Australian mother Edana Day found her baby monitor was compromised when she saw a stranger's bedroom instead of her eight-month-old's cot.

Spooked by the breach, Edana said she was no longer using the baby monitor or any other camera to watch her child.

"A predator could just buy this camera, put that password in and have the opportunity to see any child sleeping in their bed," she said.

"I don't know if anyone around the world can log in and see my daughter's bedroom.

"That's my daughter's bedroom, I feel sick."