Can you spot something off about this picture?

If you believe in the supernatural, the creepy and the kooky, it's a ghost - and it's right across the ditch.

According to experts, ghosts feed on energy and apparently there is one place in particular where the paranormal travel through energy like traffic - the birthplace of European settlers in Australia, The Rocks in Sydney.

"It's where the first settlers settled, it was very brutal back in those times," Wes Raddysh, from The Rocks Ghost Tours, told


"Every spot will have its story, but the first stories all belong here in The Rocks.

"A lot of them stay in the area because they're so beholden to it. Quite a few Sydney Harbour rangers see a lot of the same ones."

Posted by The Rocks Ghost Tours on Monday, 13 June 2016

Those "ones" include a specific ghost that resides in Merchants House, on George Street. The house was built in 1848.

In the 1800s a rich businessman chased and strangled his wife to death after finding her in bed with another man. The woman is believed to still haunt the house and can be heard walking on the stairs.

This pic was posted a couple of weeks. Since the photo was taken, a tradesman working in the house, visited our office....

Posted by The Rocks Ghost Tours on Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Some believe a photo, sent to the Rocks Ghost Tours by guests who took the tour, shows the ghostly figure of the wife in the Merchants House.

"Quite a few people have sightings of this old woman," Mr Raddysh said. "A lot of the rangers go there late at night but often what they see is an old lady."

The stairs of the 19th Century house are apparently the creepiest staircase in the city.

Other "hot spots" around the area include the Garrison Church in Millers Point, the first military church built in colonial Australia.


"The Rocks is a hot spot as it is the first settlement ... many of the spirits remain here as they know no other place. They effectively lived and died right here," Mr Raddysh added.