Is it time that Auckland finally had its own beer?

According to Hallertau Brewery - yes.

This week the beer-makers have released "The 09," a brew that supposedly embodies the spirit of Auckland and is only available to purchase in the city.

"Inspired by a time when Kiwis held tight to a regional affiliation to a beer, we have high hopes that this delicious beer will be embraced and adopted as Auckland's own, says Hallertau Captain of Beer, Steve Plowman.


Our brave soldiers on the front line, Heath and Vera took one for the team and taste-tested the tipple.

Is it time that Auckland finally had its own beer? According to Hallertau Brewery - yes.
Is it time that Auckland finally had its own beer? According to Hallertau Brewery - yes.

Heath: Otago has Speights, pride of the South, Waikato has Waikato Draught and the rest of the country has do-bros. But Auckland doesn't really have its own, unless you're into the tripe from green bottles.

Vera: What would a beer of Auckland taste like in the ideal world? A hint of salt to represent our West Coast beaches, a smokey tone for our terrible traffic congestion, and a light finish to make it palatable for the Shore boy who tries to show they're cool enough to keep up with the Westies.

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Their verdict?

Vera: It's extremely drinkable. It's only 4.5% so you can knock a couple of these back while watching the rugby. It could be the beer of Auckland. It's light, refreshing, it would be great on a summer's evening for all types of beer drinkers. I'll be drinking this in Auckland this summer!

Heath: As a beer that I think is looking to take on the more mainstream commercial beers, I'd drink it over the Steinlager, Asahi and Heinekin for sure. Those that aren't into craft beers don't need to be scared, this is one that'll appeal to anyone. It's so easy to drink. It feels like a blend between a lager and pilsner.

Heath and Vera both found the
Heath and Vera both found the "09" an easy-drinking beer that's perfect for summer. Photo / Michael Craig

Both our beer snobs couldn't decide what style of beer the 09 was, so we put it to Hallertau for the answer.


Their response? A spokesperson told the Herald the beer doesn't fit into one specific style, instead, they want the public to enjoy the locally brewed drop for its flavour, light colour and fresh aromas and make it Auckland's go-to choice of beer.

The beers are available to purchase in 9-packs at Farro and Hallertau Brewery through October, and will be on sale across Auckland from November.