Next time you're trawling the wine aisles in the supermarket, consider some top tips from the experts.

The New World Wine Awards were announced this week and judge Jim Harre explained what to look for when you're trying to choose a bottle based on more than a pretty label.

"If you know the style of wine you like, you're already 10 steps ahead," says Harre. "Once you know the style, then it's just a matter of looking for the medals on the bottles," he says, referring to the stickers you'll find on wines in New World supermarkets.

If you like lighter reds, he recommends this is the year to try roses and pinot gris.


If you are looking to branch out, however, albarino may take your fancy, particularly if you're partial to a New Zealand sauvignon.

Harre also recommends having a go with a malbec or a grenache.

"Try those sorts of wines, they'll push you a little bit further and open up some really interesting flavours for you."