A new partnership in Australia has sent consumers into a frenzy as Cadbury and Philadelphia announce Caramilk Cream Cheese.

Yes, you read that right: Caramilk cream cheese.

In Australia, the collaboration between Cadbury and Philadelphia looks to cash in on Aussies' love of Caramilk by putting the Caramilk-flavoured cream cheese on the shelves of Woolworths for a limited time.

It is not yet known whether New Zealand will see a batch of this limited edition cream cheese.


Contacted by the Herald, a Philadelphia spokesperson explained the cream cheese inspired by Cadbury Caramilk is a "single, small batch that's currently available at just one retailer in Australia".

The spokesperson does not exclude the possibility of the same collaboration happening in New Zealand but hints that it will depend on customer demand.

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"We're excited to pair our Philadelphia cream cheese with the taste of Cadbury Caramilk, and if fans are as excited about it as we are, we'll look at how we can make it available in Kiwi supermarkets in the future," the spokesperson said.

"Philly fans should keep their eye out for some more exciting flavour combos in the coming months."

Caramilk blocks have been available in New Zealand again since September 30.