Celeste Barber is truly one of the funniest women in the world right now.

She is not only an actor, writer and comedian, but she's also taking over Instagram with her hilarious photos of herself imitating celebrity poses, which have earned her 6.1 million followers.

Now she's bringing her comedy show, Challenge Accepted, to New Zealand, performing in Auckland tonight (September 20) and Wellington this Saturday (September 21).

Ahead of her show, she caught up with The Hits hosts Laura, Sam and Toni to hear all about her comedy genius and her love for the "drunk mums" that frequent her shows.


"I mostly like to relate to my drunk mums in the audience, 'cause they're my audience," Celeste revealed. "You know drunk mums, we get out, what, twice a year? So when we get out, we like, 'get out' so they make up for a lot of fun in the show."

Street agreed: "Amen to that, Laura and I are two drunk mums."

Click here to find tickets to Celeste's New Zealand stand up comedy shows and watch her full interview with Laura, Sam and Toni above.

This article was first published on The Hits and is republished here with permission.