The internet can be a very strange place and a bizarre new selfie trend that's popping up all over our feeds can definitely be used as evidence of that.

People have taken to testing a bizarre new "beauty hack" that temporarily plumps your pout with the help of glue. Yep, that's right — they're literally gluing the tops of their lips to their upper lips to make it appear as though they've got the juiciest puckers out there.

After, they're proudly showing off their results with a series of selfies and videos — but not everyone thinks this trend is a good move.

The weird and potentially dangerous trend has been slammed after some people have got "stuck" from using superglue instead of lash glue, which is safe for use on skin, leading to many to brand it utterly "stupid".


The trend, which is being described as "ridiculous", reportedly originated on video-sharing app TikTok before making its way to Twitter, where it has quickly gone viral as people upload themselves attempting the unique DIY beauty technique.

Despite it's popularity though, it has copped some serious backlash — especially from concerned parents.

Others however, were impressed with the results, sharing their surprise.

Most though just mocked the weird trend, posting a series of memes.


Superglue is an incredibly strong adhesive that when comes into contact with skin, is best tackled by soaking in water according to official advice listed on the Queensland Health website.

If you find your skin bonded together, immerse areas in warm soapy water. Use a rotating motion to roll skin apart. Nail polish remover has often been used to break down superglue but solvents should not be used on sensitive skin or near open wounds.