Schoolgirl Riley Horner wakes up every morning thinking it is June 11, until the calendar on her door tells her otherwise.

Teenager Riley Horner says her life is like a movie.

Every morning the schoolgirl from Illinois wakes up thinking it is June 11 — the day she was accidentally kicked in the head by a student crowd surfing at a dance.

The traumatic blow caused her to suffer multiple seizures, and her memory now resets every two hours.


"I'm very confused. I try to think back and I can't … I have a calendar on my door. I look and it's September and I'm like, 'Woah'," she told local news outlet, WQAD.

Riley, second from left, with her cheer squad. Photo / Facebook
Riley, second from left, with her cheer squad. Photo / Facebook

But despite multiple visits to the hospital, Riley's mother Sarah said doctors still couldn't work out what was causing the amnesia.

"They tell us there's nothing medically wrong. They can't see anything," she said.

"You can't see a concussion though on an MRI or a CT scan. There's no brain bleed, there's no tumour."

Riley, who was a bright student and cheerleader at school, said the injury had changed her life dramatically. She can no longer remember where her locker is and sets alarms every two hours to remind her to review her studies.

"I'm not making memories and I'm just really scared," she said.

"I will have no recollection of this (interview) come supper time. My mum will say, 'Oh you were on the news'."

Doctors have told the family that Riley may never fully recover, but Ms Horner said she wouldn't give up.


"They told us that she may just be like this forever. And I am not okay with that," she said.