A US woman tied up her husband and sliced his penis off with a pruner, telling 911 operators that he was bleeding from "his favourite part of himself".

Victoria Frabutt faces charges of malicious castration and kidnapping after the attack on her husband James Frabutt at the couple's home in Newport, North Carolina.

The transcript of her call to emergency services, obtained by local news station WITN, shows that Frabutt was chillingly calm after the brutal assault.

Victoria Frabutt faces serious charges. Photo / Supplied
Victoria Frabutt faces serious charges. Photo / Supplied

Frabutt tells the operator she used a pruner that was "good for pruning roses" before she's asked if her husband is bleeding heavily.


"Oh no," replies Frabutt. "Like I said, I couldn't even get enough blood to make the sign of the cross, or write sinner, or anything like that."

Frabutt refused to say exactly where she had cut her husband, only telling emergency services that he was bleeding from "his favourite part of himself," and that her actions were a "message against sinning against God and fornication".

Frabutt said she had covered her husband with a towel and told him he would survive the attack so he could "carry a message".

Major Wank is handling the case. Photo / WITN
Major Wank is handling the case. Photo / WITN

Local police chief Major Jason Wank said the motivation for the castration was unclear.

Wank told media that police attended the incident just before 4am local time.

The victim was taken to a local medical centre along with his severed member, which was recovered by emergency services and put on ice,

Frabutt appeared dishevelled in her first court appearance, where a judge increased her bond to US$500,000 ($780,000) due to concerns she was a flight risk.

James Frabutt remains in hospital, though his condition is not known.


The case comes after several similar attacks around the world, with a woman in Ukraine facing murder charges after killing her husband, then cutting off his penis and feeding it to the dogs.

Meanwhile, in Argentina, a 27-year-old woman has had her charges upgraded after she lopped off her lover's manhood with garden shears.

Brenda Barattini was arrested in November 2017 and initially charged with "causing severe injuries" but prosecutors have now successfully convinced a court to change the charge to "attempted homicide".